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Love this mermaid! It’s awesome!!!

Thank you Seastyle for the beautiful Mermaid. She hangs over our bed in Oceanside, California. Philip

"We love this beautiful Bass Fish. It is the perfect addition to our covered porch on the lake." Connie

"Beautiful. It’s a very nice complement to our kitchen wall. We love it!" Stephanie Wantland

"I absolutely love my whale! I was searching for something unique to hang on my wall and this is just perfect! It is crafted really well and is very sturdy. My new whale adds interesting character to our room and I am sure it will be a great conversation piece. Thank you!" Hockey Mama

"Super cute for bright cheery beach house decor!! Really love these cheery buoys! I think they’re adorable beach house decor nonetheless" Melissa

"This is bigger than I intended to get for my collection, but I’m so happy with the gorgeous color. Super fast shipping. I’m pleased!" gay lynne rouse

"I bought these hanging Bouys with the Blue and White standing Lobster Bouys as well. They are really great quality and have such a great look to them. I definitely would recommend buying them!" David

"It’s beautiful! Thank you so much!" Nani Vee

"Absolutely love my grouper! He looks great on my wall! I will definitely order more pieces in the future!" Kimberly on Apr 11, 2021

"Arrived earlier than expected. Item as described and up on our wall. We’ve called the whale Claude." Natasha on May 11, 2021, France

"I’ve purchased two from this seller so far, extremely fast shipping, great product. I hope to fill the area above my tiki bar with them!" shoobashooba May 29, 2021

"Beautiful buoys. A wonderful addition to my summer decor." Mapathologist

"Great nautical decoration for my island home." dawnalger3

Lobster Buoys. Each is unique and has old fisherman twine to hang it. Each fisherman had their own colours to mark their traps or nets. They make great décor for the ocean oriented person! Bright buoys marking the locations of lobster traps have been an iconic piece of maritime culture dating to the late 1800s, when trapping became a common method of lobstering. To distinguish one lobsterman's traps from others, it became tradition and then law to paint buoys a unique pattern and color scheme.

Fishing Floats Strings 50". Thank you very much for wrapping the floats so carefully and for delivering them so quickly. The floats are fantastic! They are so colorful and are still on the kitchen table as I wonder about their history. They add a burst of color in such a gloomy time .. again, thank you, Natalie

Vintage Japanese Fishing Floats 9.5" The glass float arrived very quickly and packaged well. What a great shop with so many fun and interesting pieces! Thanks so much for a great shopping experience! Shauna

History about Japanese Fishing Floats in netting. Original blown glass net floats once used on drift nets, principally in the Pacific from about 1910 on. Most are Japanese or Korean, but they were also used by the Chinese, Russians and some Pacific Islanders.The Norwegians, Portuguese and Spaniards occasionally used them in the Atlantic in the 1950s.

Vintage Japanese Fishing Floats 6"

Lobster Float Buoy Dark Red, White, Dark Blue,

Coastal Jewelry, Coral Pendant. Our little helper and beautiful daughter sets up her own line of Sea Jewelry, inspired by long ocean walks, picking up seashells and fresh breeze.

Driftwood Wreath 25". It's terrific handmade coastal gift. It is carefully handmade with driftwood pieces and rope. Perfect reminder of the beach vacation can be hang on the wall, frontdoor, or as a centerpiece with a candle. Add it to your cart before someone else snaps up this sea treasure!

Glass Deck Prism. For centuries, sailing ships used deck prisms to provide a safe source of natural sunlight to illuminate areas below decks. Before electricity, light below a vessel's deck was provided by candles, oil and kerosene lamps all dangerous aboard a wooden ship. The deck prism was a clever solution: laid flush into the deck, the glass prism refracted and dispersed natural light into the space below from a small deck opening without weakening the planks or becoming a fire hazard.

Glass Deck Prisms

SEA Sign, Vintage, Wooden. These are rare letters, made from old Indonesian ships (as shown on the picture attached), so keep some scratches, several different paint layers, but that is part of their history and nautical charm.

Ship Lantern Vintage Brass. It's a rare and beautiful authentic ship light in vintage good condition, to which we added some cleaning and polishing. It's was found at shipwrecking yard, where "retired" ships and their tools are collected. It was used on board sailing ship probably decades ago.

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