We own a big collection of unique glass fishing floats, both authentic and unique reproductions. Many to choose from, depending on style preferences. Hand-blown  Japanese glass fishing floats, with original netting or without it, are truly gifts from the sea. They have thick heavy glass, with impurities and bubbles, and are of different shades of blue and green: light blue, greenish, cloudy blue, and pale green. Primarily recycled Japanese sake bottles, since then they are being called Japanese Glass Fishing Floats. Many of them still have signs of wear, which is part of their vintage charm. They were first used in the 19th century in Scandinavian countries, but starting 1910, Japan began to make them to float nets in commercial fishing. Thousands of glass floats drifted away off the nets in the ocean and can still be found on shorelines all of the world for the lucky treasure hunters as we are.